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Registered charity no. 289289

Ipswich Holiday Help for Children


We are local

All the children and families we help are in Ipswich and South Suffolk

We are personal

Because we are small, we work closely with those who help families, and can identify with the people we help


We are efficient

Our admin costs are small, and are met by a single donor. So every penny you give goes direct to a child or family in need




14-year-old Millie is confined to a wheelchair. She suffers periodic severe headaches and nausea, and needs to be rushed to hospital each time for observation and stabilisation; there is no cure. She lives with her mother, who has recently been ill herself. She is her full-time carer and obviously can't work. Mum wanted to get the two of them out of the house for a break, but it had to be close enough to be able to get Millie to hospital if she had an episode. IHHC paid for them to stay in a caravan for a week at the seaside.

giving kids a break