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Ipswich Holiday Help for Children

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Most of our grants are small - rarely more than 200. But for that, you can get a caravan off-peak at the seaside for a week for a family, or a trip with your school friends.

In the last five years, we have made over 200 grants, totalling over 30,000. The only limit on the amount we can give is the amount we raise from people who think what we do is worthwhile.



I am very grateful for the help you have given to Kieran, which will now enable him to go with his Year 7 friends on our school trip. His mum has been made redundant and his dad's work opportunities have been significantly reduced. When I spoke to Kieran he was so happy. He took a long time to be convinced that I really meant he could go.

His mother was quite tearful. She kept saying how happy you have made her. She said that he is such a good boy, in that they had sat him down to explain that they would not be able to pay for him to go, and that he had accepted their explanation, but was very sad.

I would like to say a huge thank you for providing my children with two fabulous weeks at the Orwell activities this summer holiday. Both my girls are very excited knowing they will be included. If it was not for [IHHC] it would not be possible for this to happen.

My younger daughter was unable to attend last year, due to a diagnosis of cancer, but she can't wait now because she knows she will be joining in with all the fun. You have brought a smile to her face. .

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