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Ipswich Holiday Help for Children

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We will never have enough money to help all the people who could benefit, but we welcome the opportunity of considering any application.

We make grants only on the recommendation of a family support practitioner/social worker or health or education professional.

So, if you know of a child or a family whom we might be able to help, please get in touch with a professional, and suggest that they contact IHHC. Or contact us direct for advice on how to do it.



Danny has learning and behavioural difficulties and, inevitably, gets more attention from his parents than his older brother, Joe. Mum and Dad wanted to give both children undivided attention for a week during the summer holidays.

IHHC paid for each boy to go to a camp for a week, so that the other could enjoy special quality time with his parents. They both had a great time at the camp, and at the end of the fortnight the whole family felt refreshed, committed and more positive about the future.

giving kids a break